Truck Customization of North Jersey

Customizing trucks in Bergen County and Passiac County for over a decade

Customizing trucks is not only something we’re well-known for in the area, it’s also something we absolutely love to do. We can upgrade your wheels and tires to the desired size, finish, and brand. We can effectively modify your suspension level to lift, level, or low depending on your preference. Want special accessories or branding on your truck? No problem, we have nearly a decade of experience customizing every aspect of all makes and models of trucks and we have many professionals working around-the-clock so we’ll get it done in the timeframe of your choice. No customization job is too small or too big for us to handle, and even if you have a really unique customization idea, we’re up for the challenge. So if you’re ready to get the desired look and functionality of your ride at an affordable price, give our office a call to get an estimate today!

Customized Truck